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It's Here, Today, Right Now, Feast Your Eyes!!!! Date: Jan 14th @ 6:17am EST
Wait..What A Fan Club?! Date: Jan 7th @ 8:30pm EST
Wait... What A Fan Club? Date: May 13th @ 12:12am EDT
I know that tonight we we're suppose to do an amazing group chat together. However, I was presented with the opportunity to shoot full HD content tonight, so I can put together one of the best fan clubs you have ever seen. I am so excited about this! Can not wait to tell you guys about it tomorrow night! ;P
Monday Night Bluzzz Date: Apr 28th @ 12:16am EDT
Hey yall! I am soooooo sorry but I will not be able to be on tonight. I have to get caught up with all of my school work and prepare for all my exams that I have this week... so I can be on everyday after tonight. I will be missing all of you so much ...but we'll just have to have double the fun the rest of the week! Catch me on tomorrow at 9pm pst! ;D Xoxo B
Update on ur Belles Schedule ;) Date: Apr 18th @ 5:39pm EDT
Heyyy guys! I just wanted to first and foremost say how sorry I am that my schedule for here has been so crazy lately. As most of you know I've been crazy busy with school lately. Will be graduating this coming month so things are a little hectic on my end. I just wanted to say I'm always thinking about you guys that are here in my room! Haven't forgotten about you. Just bare with me a little longer and things will get better I promise! Lots of fun lil games and activities are planned for every night of the week that I am on at 9:30 pst ! So make sure you get your butts where they need to be everyday during that time frame!I'm super excited to talk to you giys about all of this starting on Monday!I've been planning all of these things for the past couple of weeks to get you guys excited and pumped for this new lil thing that I'ma have going on almost weekly or everybother two weeks! I'll see yall tomorrow to close out this week with a BANG... Then The REAL fun will begin on Monday! Stay don't wanna miss what I have in store! ;P
Monday Night Update! :0 Date: Apr 13th @ 10:38pm EDT
Heyyy yall! I just wanted to let you guus know I have sooo much going on with my classes and school right now so unfortunately I will not be on tonight. I am taking tonight off to do homework... BUT will be on Tuesday at 9:30pm pst to 2:30am pst!!!! I hope I can see you guys then! I have something special up my sleeve if you think you'll be able to make it in to see me! Among all the craziness going on with school and what not, I find my time with you guys so amazing and time that I can just relax and be myself! As the week goes on I'll keep you guys posted on anything that happens if I can't make it on so I keep yall in the loop. So since I will not be on tonight... I am planning on making Tuesday night a very dangerous and fun night! Dont forget to catch me at my times stated above and get ready for bumpy ride! This is going to be one of those nights your not going to want to miss out on. So make sure you clear your schedules and come see your favorite girl!;D
New Space ;D Date: Apr 4th @ 12:33am EDT
Hey guys!! Sorry I was not on last night. I went ahead and changed my whole room around and a new area so I could make it better for your viewing! Took so much time to move things around, come up with the perfect angles, positions, and lighting. Butttt, I finally got it done and now this is my new "space". I'm so excited because am able to stand up, sit down, lay out, show my booty, and whatever else comes to mind! Plus throw in some dancing and gymnastics skills as well! So excited to see and talk to all of you!!! I know April is going to be a good month with lots of different kinds of activities and never before seen stunts! We're about to hit summer time which means.... bright colors, less layers, and more excited toys to bring to the table! Which means WAY more shopping for sexy options and sex toys!!! Already have my eye on a few different items that I want to bring into the room and have some fun with. Hopefully, you'll be able to see some of it here and therwhenever I throw it into the mix! As we get closer to my BDAY things get more and more fun! ;)
Almost that time of year again!! Date: Apr 1st @ 3:17am EDT
So, I decided that I am going to fully commit to this job and go all in this time! I'm so excited I am able to put together a schedule that will work for me and be able to reach out to everyone fairly at a good time frame that is workable! I am also having all these amazing sex dreams lately about all these different kinds of role-playing roles and its kinda freaking awesome!!!!! I can't wait to go into my room and share it with all of you. Makes me so turned on just thinking about how intense and amazing it was! Felt like it was almost like real life, except I was dreaming unfortunately, haha. Maybe I can tell some of you why it was so amazing. Man! I can't wait to have a bunch of dreams just like it that way I can come on here and share it with everyone!! Since it is April now, I think there needs to be new theme going on.. still under construction but thinking about switching up a few things in regards to my room that way I can incorporate the holidays and make it extra fun! Stay tuned this is just the beginning...;D
Fresh week Date: Mar 31st @ 3:32am EDT
Hey guys! Omgsh, I am sooooo happy to be back in action. I'm about to put together a schedule and a times when I will be on so you will know when to meet me in my room! Also, I am about to start a project for my new room. I'm so excited!!!! Going to be AMAZINGGGGGG!!! I can't wait to show all of you how beautiful and girly it will be! :D Spring break is going good so far, plan on spending a whole lot more time on cam and getting back to the way things used to be. I can't wait until school is over so I have 100% time dedicated to cam and able to really talk and get to know you all! Summer is just around the corner and I'm about to throw myself into over drive by eating healthy, cooking all my food, and exercising to the max! Got to look good for summer right?!?! I really enjoyed talking to all of my old and new friends that I have met thus far on the site and can't wait to keep going! Ever wanna chit chat feel free to hit me up whenever, however,anyway u feel! :D
Spring Break!!! Date: Mar 28th @ 1:56am EDT
So, it's spring break ya'll!!!! Omgsh, I am sooooo happy that I am not in school right now, I am able to spend A LOT more time on here and talk to you guys!!! Man, even though this is one of my priorities... school is highly important to me as well. I have seen myself giving up on a lot of things...activities... and parties so that I can better myself for my present, future and fix my past! I have a lot going on with multiple jobs, school, and a mom to some cute ass pets! LOL! I'm moving on up in the world! So, long story short I'm back and will be on SOOO much more now that I have some free time! I'm excited to come back and make a name for myself that ya'll will remember. We're all here for one reason or another so lets get it!! Let's take this spring break to a whole different level and make it one to remember for many spring breaks to come and always that one unbelievable week where things went from one level to a whole new and exciting time!!! 2015 is the year for adventures and new beginnings...anywhooo Feel free to come holla! ;D

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